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Product Name: VO Genesis

Product Author:  Jenny Lewis

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Do you want an 80% increase over your regular salary? Are you dreaming of making a six-figure income from home? While there are many online programs promising a good income, you can actually make 100, 200 or 300 $USD in an hour in the comfort of your own home through this program.

Beware of False Promises

Most people think that making money online can be as easy as just pushing a button or having a magic wand. But VOGenesis can`t promise you that because it is an actual working method of generating a part-time or full-time income.

How other programs lure Clients

While looking for new opportunities online to work from home, you might stumble upon different types of solutions that require some sort of surveys, data gathering or filling forms. Prior to VO Genesis, I tried the usual things that people find online. These systems require your personal email and contact info before revealing their secrets. But one common problem with them was that after the proper completion of the data, I was left heartbroken in front of the monitor because the requirements were endless with countless forms to fill, which seemed like a mountain to climb.

How clients put in the work with High Hopes

It can be easily understood that these money making requirements are not for everybody. They have their own little niches with some people to work with. In such niches, you can find people like me who work from home either because they are left to look after the kids or because they simply have a few extra free hours every day. I`ve tried these services but failed to make any significant income. My first month of doing online surveys resulted in a total of $40.50.

As you can imagine, this is not a compensation that would make you want to invest your time again in any such work. This couldn`t even cover my electricity bill and with family pressures, I was about to give up on my hopes. I thought that there is no way I can actually have a few hundred dollars in my bank account at the end of the month working from home.

How I compared VO Genesis with my previous work at the very Beginning

Stumbling upon VOGenesis didn`t bring much hope to my already pessimistic view of making a living through the internet. There I was, feeling bad after spending a whole month to make some money online. But then I found the opportunity of reading scripts.

Scepticism hit me hard at the beginning. I was thinking that I do not really have a radio voice, so there is no hope for me here. But after discussing it with my friends, they actually convinced me that a unique voice is actually a good thing since it easily stands out.

How it all Started?

Maybe some people are like me who think all online opportunities demand a lot and then offer very little, if anything, in return. But for me, all it took was my name and my email address. This put me in the fantastic position of seeing all the available projects. And I’m saying it fantastic because I like to think of myself as an open person and a media geek. In my teens, I used to play many video games and then here I was, years later, having the opportunity to work as a voiceover in the industry. But this was just the beginning. Opportunities also included TV commercials, web presentations and classic radio jingles. And the best part is these jobs paid between $100 and $1500.

The first job I applied to was a job in video games. Needless to say my hopes were not much high. But just hours later I received an email saying that I`ve been selected for the part together with a request for a payment method. I made $300 on that job. I remember looking at my bank statement and the feeling it gave me. This was the opportunity I was looking for all these years!

Some of you may think VOGenesis is not for you. But please keep in mind there is demand for all kinds of voices. There are many jobs for different languages and even request for people with different accents. So if English is not your first language, you still have the same opportunity to make some big bucks from your home just as a native speaker.

What is VO Genesis?

VOGenesis is your gateway to financial freedom. It exposes the little-known sphere of fun work. I think I speak for everyone when I say I am tired of blogging, affiliate marketing and other similar schemes. VOGenesis guide came to me at the right time. While I had no previous voiceover training, no connections in the market and no previous experience, my voice was sincere and believable.

VOGenesis helped me discover where to find the best voiceover opportunities, the most gigs, and new and better paid jobs. It also gave me an almost unfair advantage over other people struggling in MLM schemes. I learned how to make my own, professional home studio. Once this was done, I moved on to discover how to become a well-established voiceover in the world. The easy-to-follow VOGenesis guide gave me instant access with exclusive insider tips of the trade. Keep in mind this is not an offer aimed at those with no motivation to work hard and those who do nothing or very little to get real results.

Previous users have expressed their satisfaction upon using all the tips given by the program. I was hearing stories of credit cards being paid in a few months and I was nervous to even consider really working from home.

Of course I wasn`t the only person thinking about this. I had my fears and doubts and as I started in the industry, I began to ask more questions. This is why VOGenesis introduces a free guide on how to triple the income on regular jobs. It managed to properly teach me how to negotiate. You can believe me when I say I was not good at it before. The guide was spot on. It relied on previous experiences of the users to conclude on small but important tips. One of those was to never settle for the first offer. I learned how to ask for more money for the whole project. I educated myself on the proper tools to get paid safely. The guide also showed me the contract drafts needed to make everything official.

How much does it Cost?

A program that offers so much insight into this little known money-making opportunity can cost thousands of dollars. I secured a special offer instead. From the regular price of $97, the offer gave me the program for only $39.95. And not only that, I even got a safe deal keeping in mind that I had 60 days to decide if the program was right for me.

This meant a low, risk-free investment. It all went through the most trusted online digital products retailer, Clickbank. I knew I was in good hands and had the opportunity to opt out at any moment if I decided that making money with my voice is not for me. All it took was one simple click and I was taken to a page to complete my purchase. I even thought this opportunity would be in high demand soon with people from all over the world looking for it which means one thing: a price increase. So I decided to purchase the package while it was still at a very affordable price.

So how much did I Earn?

Before revealing my earnings, I’d like to tell you about a surprise guide. After the purchase, I also received a guide on how to get more voiceover gigs. Can you believe there are plenty of opportunities on the social media? It mentions 8 fantastic websites to locate the gigs online with more insider’s tips.

I had no reasons to sit back and not jump on the offer. Hollywood and professional agencies had nothing on me. I simply purchased the pack, downloaded it on my iPad and started reading in the comfort of my home. I felt no risk, as I had 60 days to decide if the guide was for me or not. And it was! I made $5.000 in the first month. The most I made per hour was $500. Finally, I have managed to give myself the financial freedom I always wanted. No more 9 to 5 work, no more minimum wages and no more bosses; VOGenesis has given me the life I was craving for all these years.

In conclusion, if you are tired of working just to pay the bills, have no time for your family and have zero resources to fund your true passions, you are in a place where I was before and you need to act on the opportunity given by VOGenesis. These are what you will get in the package:

  • The VOGenesis guide

  • Two awesome additional guides with the best insider tips on the industry and all the information you need to start earning today!


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